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Getting to know Donatas Motiejunas and Thomas Robinson

Before trading away both their starting power forward and his 21 minute per game backup, the Houston Rockets boasted an offense as kinetically efficient as any in the league. They were predictably unpredictable, constantly improvising with beautiful flair in the open court, exciting audiences with a unique brand of razzle dazzle that will forever be [...]

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Motiejunas dazzles, Robinson disappoints in respective debuts

To begin, it is probably unfair to describe Thomas Robinson’s performance last night as ‘disappointing.’  It was his first game wearing red, and after only, I believe, two practices.  There weren’t really expectations.  But if we’re being honest, he didn’t look good. Robinson finished the game with a -18, collecting three fouls in his seven [...]

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The Daily Blast – February 28, 2013

Statcheck – Let me get this out of the way: I wanted to throw my iPad through the window after last night’s game. Watching Motiejunas work his tail off and lose, and seeing Monta Ellis win on a hail-Mary shot is a crime against sport. Still, there were a few statistical superlatives (good and bad) [...]

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[video] Monta Ellis, Brandon Jennings

If you’re wondering why the background of this interview seems unfamiliar, it’s because it took place in the Toyota Center storage area.  Monta actually ducked out of the lockerroom and headed off before we were even let in.  Bucks PR rushed and stopped him so we could get in a word.  Typical Monta, I’m told.

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Milwaukee Bucks 110, Houston Rockets 107: Someday, this team will win a close game.

I don’t know what it is about this team this season.  I really don’t.  Whether it’s Trevor Ariza or John Salmons or OJ Mayo, I feel like more often than not in our defeats, this team has dealt with one chucker or another just firing up stuff that goes in.  And at the end of [...]

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