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Reacting to the lottery

The lottery is such a funny exercise. The fate of a franchise that’s normally attune to watching its business decisions play out among the world’s greatest athletes on a basketball court, gets decided by ping pong balls popping in a secluded room in the Tri-State area. More often than not, mysteriousness like this can give [...]

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Gasol revisited

I don’t watch as much basketball as I once did.  I catch every Rockets game, due to my duties here, but I no longer subscribe to League Pass.  That’s why I was left almost speechless the few times I caught a Lakers game towards the end of the year.  Oh I had read and heard [...]

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Goran Dragic vs. Kyle Lowry: Lowry tries to force the team’s hand

Lowry does not believe he and Goran Dragic, his successor as the starting point guard this season, will both return to the roster next season. Lowry was even less confident he and Rockets coach Kevin McHale can successfully coexist. “I don’t think so,” Lowry, 26, said. “I honestly think it would be tough. Things have [...]

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Is Pau Gasol worth it?

This summer, Pau Gasol has three doors staring him straight in the face, each one leading to a different future, and each one dictating a different ending for how he’ll spend the rest of his career as a meaningful basketball player. 1) He leaves L.A. behind and becomes the same player he was in 2010, [...]

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Report cards: Kevin McHale

I am loath to dole out grades.  I’ve never done it.  Why?  Because it presents a veil of finality.  Not every issue is closed or can be defined by the assignment of a single character.  But I’ll do it.  Psychologists will tell you that people like grades because people want conclusions.  Whilst casual reading, people [...]

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