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The Houston Rockets are making LaMarcus Aldridge’s life look easy

An hour or so after Game 2’s final horn—after dust settled, blood dried, and small children stopped crying—Chandler Parsons stood in front of his locker, showered, dressed in clean clothes, all ready to explain the unexpected carnage the world had just witnessed on national television. A few minutes into the scrum, a reporter asks Parsons […]

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A conversation on Terrence Jones

Terrence Jones is an interesting basketball player. Really talented. Really exciting. Really young. He not-so-coincidentally plays extremely well in wins and not so great in losses—dumb but true: Jones shoots nearly 60% from the floor when Houston wins, and just above 40% when they lose—but symbolizes a brighter tomorrow. Is the hope valid? Or is […]

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Player Power Rankings: Week 22

11) Omri Casspi: Casspi logged about 15 minutes against the Cleveland Cavaliers last Saturday, and had five more turnovers than points. Related: he had five turnovers. Last night he had five more points than turnovers. Related: he had five points. What does this mean? Nothing. But I enjoyed typing it. 10) Isaiah Canaan: Well, would you […]

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