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Red94 season two in review: reflections

You can read my season 1 write-up here. I want to first extend thanks to my many wonderful contributors, this season seeing my staff expanding from two to 13.  I cannot express enough gratitude to our columnists, Jacob Mustafa, Connor Winn, Ben Heller, Eric Todd, and Shawn Grady, each without whom we would be at [...]

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Huq’s Pen: Do we want to keep Adelman’s system?

I had been writing a much longer post but then realized that this was a topic that needed its own post/discussion.  So the longer post waits for now.  I was basically running through the different variables in this team’s future with regard to its path for success. One was the coaching situation and the time [...]

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Posted-Up Playoff Podcast: Round 2

This week we discuss Tony Parker’s connection to poultry, J.J Barea’s public persona, why everyone has forgotten the Spurs and how the upcoming Miami-Boston series could be even more exciting. Posted-Up Playoff Podcast: Round Deux Posted Up is a regular conversation between friends and red94 contributors Jacob Mustafa and Eric Todd.

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Huq’s Pen: Did we learn anything from the Nuggets/Thunder series?

I don’t mean the title query in a smug, rhetorical sense; I’m asking sincerely – did we learn anything?  Post-Melo, all we heard were the merits of ‘team-ball’, with the Nuggets getting it done in impressive fashion upon the departure of their celebrated star.  ”They’re better now!  A 5-man team is beautiful ball!” rang the [...]

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The Houston Rockets sure seem to like conducting interviews.

I’ve always wanted to be one of the Mavens of the world, diligently vetting my choices as a consumer, employee and general human being, but alas, I always come up short because I am an inconceivably lazy man. When I should look into deals on groceries in my neighborhood, I instead buy water and beer [...]

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