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[video] Dwight Howard postgame after his debut; Harden speaks

It felt surreal seeing him in the lockerroom, standing alone, long after we had all moved on with our cameras.  This man had been the object of the team’s desire for years.  Now he was here, in the flesh.  He was quiet, unlike how I remembered him during his trips here when with the Lakers.  Perhaps [...]

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[video] Houston Rockets Training Camp Scrimmage

Houston Rockets training camp kicked off this Saturday; I was at home.  Just six weeks post-op from ACL and meniscus reconstruction, I wasn’t yet up to the task for driving.  But after getting clearance, I hobbled into my car and made the trek down to Toyota Center yesterday.  When I got there, I was told [...]

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[video] Paul George after Pacers knock off Rockets

This was probably the best I’ve seen anyone guard Harden this season, save for perhaps Iguodala very early in the year.  Paul George didn’t fall for any of Harden’s tricks and by my count, The Beard only walked his way to the hoop tonight one sole single time.  Every move Harden made, George was there, [...]

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[video] James Harden after the Rockets’ win over Utah

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[video] Monta Ellis, Brandon Jennings

If you’re wondering why the background of this interview seems unfamiliar, it’s because it took place in the Toyota Center storage area.  Monta actually ducked out of the lockerroom and headed off before we were even let in.  Bucks PR rushed and stopped him so we could get in a word.  Typical Monta, I’m told.

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