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Tom Ziller fails to explain Chuck Hayes, as we all do

Ranking this year’s thin-but-fascinating class of free agents soon to be swallowed whole by the upcoming whirlpool of machinations and scheming that is 2011 NBA free agency, Tom Ziller came upon Houston’s own beloved, incomparable, ineffable Chuck Hayes and had this to say: I’m not asking you to understand Chuck Hayes, because I don’t. I’m [...]

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Trades and free agency discussion in the Ninetyfourums

The forums seemed to be down these past few days but are now fixed and running.  You can access them by clicking the ‘ninetyfourums’ tab at the top right of the page. With so much speculation league-wide we won’t have the capacity to write about everything.  With that said, you are more than welcome to [...]

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It doesn’t pay to be careful

In the midst of the current celebration of the NBA’s impending return, I hate to be the one to complain. I really am as excited as the next nerd to once again be able to spend my evenings watching Sacramento play Minnesota on some grainy European feed that crashes every five minutes and is called [...]

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Is it time for the Rockets to tank?

The Houston Chronicle’s Richard Justice reported earlier that the Houston Rockets will pursue Denver Nuggets center Nene as their primary target once free agency season begins.  I must ask whether this would be the wisest course of action.  Does adding the 29-year-old make the Rockets title contenders?  Most likely not.  If the team is to [...]

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Are the Rockets rethinking their ways?

This from Richard Justice: Alexander has resisted rebuilding, instead urging Morey to keep adding and to keep the Rockets as competitive as possible. Morey has done a very good job acquiring talent, but not Kobe Bryant-type talent. As the last 2-3 years have played out, the Rockets have become more and more convinced that the [...]

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