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On the NBA: Plans for the Departed

The Lakers and Bucks, along with those other fourteen, non-playoff teams, are gone. Both got swept; both were never even in one of their playoff games. The Nuggets, Rockets, and Celtics could be soon to join them—but we’ll give them their chances to prove us wrong. At least one of those teams (Denver) is experiencing [...]

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And so we live to see another day

It’s extremely difficult to not get greedy and push from one’s mind the thought that the Rockets could, nay, should, be up 3-1 right now.  On the flip side, given their late-game execution, they are extremely lucky to have not gotten swept.  They shouldn’t have won last night.  Running three consecutive ISOs to close the [...]

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The Rockets Daily – April 30, 2013

More Games – I was so ecstatic last night! My wife is going to be so bummed… Cause and Effect – Last night was the first game of the series in which Houston shot at or above their average percentage on threes. They won. Could they do that 3 more times? Could a penny land [...]

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Postgame thoughts on Game 4

First, the bad: those last three plays to close out regulation, where Harden, true to form, ISOed his man before stepping back for a jumper were despicable.  At this point, I don’t even know what to say.  You know it’s coming.  If the game is close, the Rockets are going to ISO Harden.  Luckily tonight, [...]

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Are the 2013 Rockets the 2010 Thunder?

The world has yet to see if the new, improved Houston Rockets can grab a playoff win in their series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant and his Thunder have twice pulled the rug out from under a Rockets team surging to overcome huge deficits, and the Rockets are learning about playoff basketball in [...]

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