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Houston Rockets 108, Orlando Magic 104: Offensive Philosophy Theft Alert!

The Rockets’ first game back on US soil came against a Magic team bursting at the seams with young and talented players. From Vucevic to Harkless, from Nicholson to Oladipo, there are many names on this Orlando team that we could well be hearing about for many years to come. It looks like it might [...]

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Houston Rockets 107, Indiana Pacers 96: Preseason Game, Regular Season Intensity

Taipei, Taiwan was hungry for a dose of Linsanity. The Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers made their way to Taiwan for an international Preseason game, a captive audience in far-off foothold for the NBA. The crowd hung on every play Lin made, and got on their feet when the final buzzer sounded Houston’s victory. They [...]

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Houston Rockets 116, Indiana Pacers 96: A team offense leads to victory.

Saturday’s game against New Orleans, while a defeat, showed the potential of Houston’s starters as they manhandled New Orleans’s starters for most of the game.  But it’s one thing to dominate New Orleans.  It’s another thing to beat Indiana’s starters, who challenged the Miami Heat to 7 games last year despite a below-average bench at [...]

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New Orleans Pelicans 116, Houston Rockets 115: The potential is there.

The very nature of preseason games, where the individual performances by those fighting for minutes or merely a spot on the bench is more important than the outcome, means that I won’t spend too much time talking about the flow of the game.  Houston showed its potential championship capabilities from the very beginning, as the [...]

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Thanks for the ride, Houston Rockets

To begin, it was pretty disappointing to see how many people left the game before the final buzzer sounded.  By the 1 minute mark, 75% of the arena had emptied out.  On a Friday night, on the last game of the season, I thought it would have been a nice gesture to stick around until [...]

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