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Assessing Ariza – Part 3

In the seven games between March 13th and March 24th, spanning from the point Trevor Ariza returned from injury and joined Kevin Martin in the Houston Rockets’ starting lineup, up until the day Martin went down with an injury, Ariza shot 47% from the field and 34% from deep in averaging 13.1ppg.  Overall on the [...]

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More Vipers Coverage

One of our readers, Bob Schmidt, has a blog where he will be providing coverage on the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, the Houston Rockets’ D-league affiliate. Bob is a native of the Rio Grande Valley and has lived in Brownsville for the past 30 years.  In an email, he explains his motivations: Even though I [...]

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Random thoughts on the playoffs and other topics

Is there a more absurd character in the game of basketball right now than Sasha Vujacic?  One has to wonder what the origins are of this odd complex he holds, always manifested through some disproportionate belief in his own defensive abilities. The news that Chris Bosh too will be joining “the talks” is unfortunate.  I [...]

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Random Fact of the Day

40. Does a team receive compensation when another team signs their free agent, like in some other sports? No. A team that loses a free agent does not receive anything. It used to be the case in the NBA a long time ago, but not any more. The most famous example of this is when [...]

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Discerning Morey’s Philosophy – Part 4

The Rio Grande Valley Vipers had a marvelous year, snagging the D-league title and boasting a record-breaking nine call-ups on the season. Yet it is a unique relationship forged with the Houston Rockets which makes them so intriguing. The Rockets were the first NBA team to adopt the NBDL’s new “single affiliate partnership model,” an [...]

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