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[video] Marc Gasol on Houston’s interest last offseason

I asked Tony Allen if he had a minute as I wanted to ask him about Goran Dragic.  He said he was done for the day.  As it took enough courage to approach him altogether, I didn’t insist.

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Goran Dragic vs. Kyle Lowry: On Dragic at shooting guard

In my first installment of this series–which you can access, along with all future installments, by clicking the ‘Dragic vs. Lowry’ tag below–many readers felt the ideal scenario was one which saw management re-sign Goran Dragic but rather than deal off Kyle Lowry, elect to retain him and play both guards together in the backcourt [...]

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Five Notes on a String: March 30th, 2012

More thoughts with less thought than ever. Thursday night’s TNT schedule boasted one of this year’s premier doubleheaders, with a Finals rematch that fell flat in Miami and a game that was routinely touted as a “Western Conference Finals” preview, Thunder vs. Lakers. In the interest of full (if unwanted) disclosure, these are the teams [...]

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Courtney Lee is more than the corner three

Only three players in the league have made more corner threes with a higher percentage than Courtney Lee: Nick Young, Ryan Anderson, and Ray Allen. He’s connected on more, with greater efficiency, than Kyle Korver, Shane Battier, and Daequan Cook (who Lee shoots 11% better than, on just a few more attempts). Of the six players [...]

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On the outside looking in

After last night’s loss, the Rockets moved back down to 9th in the Western Conference, a familiar spot in recent weeks.  There’s no point in trying to diagnose the team’s problems.  It’s simple: they’re playing without their starting backcourt.  One could argue that Dragic and Lee have been better than Lowry and Martin, but the [...]

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