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Texans again, All-rookie teams, Chris Paul

So the Texans are likely to remain atop ESPN’s weekly power rankings this week, when they come out, after another dominant performance. I know next to nothing about football. But that one guy threw the ball down the field for plays, those other two guys ran well with the ball, and that one really tall [...]

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Texans, Martin, McHale…

Media day is this Monday. So we’re basically one month away from the official start of things if you don’t count preseason. Though we should count preseason because nothing this season will really even be official – it will be all about watching the new guys play and develop.

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On the NBA: Lakers, Wade, and some other items

As you’ve noticed, this page has been dead for close to two weeks now.  When the most significant item of relevance is a Scott Machado signing, can you really blame us? I’m wondering how long until the Hero-ball stuff rears its head again this year because this time, even an idiot will know that the [...]

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Exploring Omer Asik’s offensive limitations

A couple mornings ago I awoke from a dream that took place in a world where Omer Asik was a dependable offensive player. The Rockets would dribble up the floor, run some dummy weak side action to clear one side of the court, then toss the ball down low and wait for Asik to embarrass [...]

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Writing about the backup point guard battle so nobody else has to

The role of backup point guard is quite vital in today’s NBA, not only to the Houston Rockets (although, it’s especially vital to them), but the entire league. It’s a player who comes into games that already have their own flow, runs the second unit, fills in for a starter in the unfortunate case he [...]

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