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Pau Gasol, Rockets Savior?

Only four years ago, Kevin Garnett and the swirling, almost malevolent defense of his 2008 Boston Celtics helped make Pau Gasol look the part of a child lost in a labyrinth, keenly aware of the snarling beast that awaits at every corner, causing Gasol to tiptoe and over think just about every move until rendered [...]

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Chase Budinger on the Slam Dunk Contest

My conversation tonight with Chase, on the dunk contest.

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The Red94 Second-half mini preview

Heading into the second half tonight, 34 games in, the two major themes we’re looking at are ‘sustainability’ and ‘trades.’  Sustainability has been a key factor so far this season: Sam Dalembert could not sustain his initial production and became difficult to discern from Jordan Hill.  Kyle Lowry initially supplied elite production, leading many to [...]

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On NBA All-Star Weekend [updated Monday morning]

UPDATED at 10:37AM on Monday.  See below. As most of you will read this Monday morning, it should be pointed out that it was written Sunday afternoon, prior to the main event. J. Cole has handles. For those too young to have seen or remember, Mitch Richmond was the league’s best, most complete shooting guard [...]

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[video] Chase Budinger in the Slam Dunk Contest

All of Chase’s dunks tonight.

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