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3-on-3: Three Pressing Questions on the Houston Rockets


      Fresh off the success of the 5-on-5 project, is bringing the round-table flagship to the pages of the TrueHoop Network.  In that vein, we’re kicking things off by posing three of the hottest questions to our three main contributors.  If you’d like to hear our takes on any specific topics, shoot [...]

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ESPN: Five strangest things in the NBA in 2011

Myself and four others weigh in on the topic over at the mothership: David Thorpe, Scouts Inc.: Gilbert Arenas traded to Orlando. I had heard this might happen back in the fall and I just laughed it off. There was just no way anyone would acquire Arenas at almost any price. I don’t care if [...]

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Analyzing A Second Round Pick: The Chandler Parsons Story

The uphill path of an NBA second round draft pick is lonely; filled with obstacles and non-guarantees. It’s dark. It’s tantalizing. These players are so close to the dream they’ve dreamt since their tiny brains were capable of processing dreams and remembering them later. It sits on the tip of their tongue as they come to [...]

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Huq’s Pen: A year ago today

This time a year ago we sat checking news on Carmelo and Chris Paul, hoping for some mention of the Rockets as suitors.  The season was about to begin, Yao was healthy, and we were ‘almost-contenders,’ having a bright future on the strength of a pretty good team and really good ‘assets.’  Two guaranteed future [...]

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On Memory, Charles Barkley, and the NBA Lockout

An old friend called me the other day, someone I’ve known for more than thirteen years, and during the course of our conversation, he brought up a girl I used to date. I should stress here that this wasn’t a casual, three month girlfriend; I was with her for eight of the thirteen years he [...]

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