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Utah Jazz 133, Houston Rockets 110

Houston Rockets guard Kevin Martin is Craig Biggio.  Like the “king of hit batsmen,” Martin doesn’t just patiently draw walks – he forces his way on base by subtly putting his body in harm’s way.  Kevin made 12 free throws tonight en route to a 32 point explosion.  He hit jumpers from every angle but [...]

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The Spurs and Daryl Morey

In light of tonight’s game between the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, I discussed how the league’s best front office of the last decade compares to the new front runner with Tim Varner of San Antonio Spurs blog 48 Minutes of Hell.

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Howard vs. Yao

Dwight Howard destroyed the Houston Rockets last night, scoring 30 points on 11 of 11 shooting from the floor and grabbing 16 boards. It felt very odd seeing Howard dominate the team as I had become accustomed to the complete opposite in recent years. via basketball-reference.

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On McGrady – Part 5

In six seasons with the Houston Rockets, Tracy McGrady averaged 19.2ppg. In his four healthy years with the team, he put up 24.1ppg, peaking out at 25.7ppg in 2004-2005. McGrady is unfulfillment personified, the most uniquely gifted player this league has ever seen, but likely to be remembered as the biggest “loser” in its history.

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Debut Saturday

Two things stood out regarding new Houston Rocket guard Kevin Martin: When he dribbles, he looks somewhat like a duck.  It was humorous to watch him waddle down the court while bringing the ball up. I held my breath every time he drew contact.  He had less meat on his arms than most of the [...]

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