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Dwight Howard Free Agency Watch: Part 7

I’m scared to even start writing this for fear of it becoming outdated by the time I hit publish.  In ten minutes, the Rockets will begin their meeting with Dwight Howard. Earlier today, they traded Thomas Robinson to the Blazers for what amounts to four future prospects.  The news also broke that the team has [...]

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Rockets Waive Delfino, Brooks

In a move that should shock nobody who’s had Internet access over the past few months, the Houston Rockets have waived Carlos Delfino and Aaron Brooks as a means to offering Dwight Howard a maximum contract next week.

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A look at the tax implications of each of Dwight Howard’s options

Forbes had a great analysis of this topic some weeks ago, but here’s another one I saw tweeted by Darren Rovell last night, in chart form.  It was created by CPA Robert A. Raiola. Raiola concludes that with a jock tax of approximately $536,550/year, after factoring in the state tax distinction, Howard would be left [...]

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Dwight Howard Free Agency Watch: Part 6

Marc Stein tweeted some nuggets of Rocket relevance today, saying: “Why is Kevin McHale off limits to Celts in their coaching search? One reason, I’m told: Rockets see McHale as a key to Dwight Howard pitch” “Thomas Robinson to Cavs for No. 19 pick. Thomas Robinson to Bulls for No. 20. Word is both of [...]

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Assessing Jeremy Lin: Part 1

With the Dwight Howard courting period still some time away from commencement, we’ll turn our direction towards the most polarizing topic in Rockets basketball – Jeremy Lin. To begin, a recitation of prior thoughts: My stance all year long was one of opposition to Kevin McHale’s handling of Lin.  I believed that McHale did not [...]

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