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Come to Houston, Chris

@ChrisBosh Where should I go next season & why? I have spoken in depth why you would be a dream fit for the Houston Rockets. Envision yourself once more in the high post at the right elbow – your favorite spot on a basketball court. Yet this time, Kevin Martin, Aaron Brooks, and Trevor Ariza, [...]

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Assessing the field for Chris Bosh

The Mavs’ potential for off-season turnover exists regardless of how deep they go into the playoffs. Given the unique financial circumstances afforded to the Mavericks this summer and the never-ending arms race that exists between NBA teams, no one should be surprised to see Dallas make significant changes this summer even if they somehow stumbled [...]

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More Chris Bosh to Houston speculation

This is obviously all speculation at this point. But it is intriguing speculation. Imagine a Yao/Bosh frontcourt if Yao is healthy next season. Bosh can move without the ball, make open jumpers, and get to the rim easily if the defense isn’t loading up on him, which will make double-teaming Yao in the post much [...]

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How about this for potential irony: the Jordan Hill – Chris Bosh connection

Larry Coon, weeks ago, on some of the ramifications of the new cap projections: But there’s also a little bit of a gray cloud to go along with this silver lining. Some of the downsides include: • The Chicago Bulls worked frantically at the trade deadline to create enough cap room to make a run at [...]

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Chris Bosh still foremost in Houston Rockets’ sights

The Rockets’ No. 1 free-agent target? Sources say it’s still Bosh, who earlier this season said the idea of playing in his hometown of Dallas holds limited appeal … but hasn’t said anything to suggest that he wouldn’t play somewhere else in his home state. If the Raptors and Bosh reach the expected conclusion that [...]

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