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Moneyball and the Houston Rockets

If you had to select one NBA team most associated with advanced statistical analysis, Billy Beane, the Oakland Athletics, and the transcendental phenomenon that is “Moneyball”, it’d be the Houston Rockets. From their forward thinking general manager to being the subject of an enthralling, Michael Lewis branded work of narrative non-fiction, the Rockets are as [...]

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The Rockets’ defense by the numbers: more questions than answers

Only two teams, the Spurs and Heat, scored more points per possession than the Rockets did last season. In contrast, nearly two thirds of the league gave up fewer points per possession, and of those teams only one, the Knicks, made the playoffs (the rest combined to win a woeful 35% of their games). So [...]

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Recovering From Failure, Starring Terrence Williams

At one point he was the most athletic player in college basketball. A man among boys, able to dip his toe in whatever waters his team found to be most shallow, and single-handedly fill them up. This was his physical reach; this was his gift. When Terrence Williams was at Louisville, nobody could guard him, [...]

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TrueHoop TV: Rookie Rankings

After a brief hiatus, TrueHoop TV is back.  This time, we evaluated ESPN’s player rankings.  (I make my appearance at 3:17.) Enjoy.

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Is Luis Scola Expendable?

This story is about doors creaking shut and windows shooting open. It’s about the ever revolving door that is professional sports, and the inevitable knockout blow father time delivers to athletes, you, and me. It’s about space for improvement, a willingness to seek every square inch of that space out and claim it as your [...]

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