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Houston Rockets preseason storylines

The NBA’s preseason has kicked off. The Rockets have been marketing the sport with exhibition games in Manila and Taipei against the Pacers. Kevin McHale has tinkered with lineups throughout the preseason. Naturally this raises a great deal of conversation around the fan-base with regards to one mercurial group of fans in particular. No, we’re [...]

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LaMarcus Aldridge expanding game?

Thanks to a reader for passing on this tidbit about everyone’s favorite Rockets trade target: LaMarcus Aldridge says he has expanded his game to shooting threes. Says he expects to shoot more of those this season. — Chris Haynes (@ChrisBHaynes) September 30, 2013 This was interesting for no other reason than that I’ve argued in [...]

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Dilemma: Who do I choose for NBA League Pass?

Miami is out.  They’re on every week anyway, but besides, I just don’t enjoy watching them play.  (Unless it’s the Finals, of course.)  The Lakers too are out, because of Bryant’s injury.  The strange irony of the backlash I received from citing Kobe Bryant as the league’s most overrated shooting guard in a 5-on-5 some [...]

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On the NBA: Discussing the Draft

The basketball commentariat wants to talk about the NBA Draft. With the various ideas that get bandied about in the late off season, this is the time to have this discussion. The NBA Draft is at its core a bizarre institution, and bears some close scrutiny. People have been arguing for ages over how much, [...]

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On the NBA: A Few Summer Bullets

-The NBPA has elected Chris Paul as its new President. While the possibility of LeBron James—the star bigger than the game—to lead the organization was more enticing, CP3’s election should satisfy those yearning for a stronger figurehead to take charge of things. Some speculate that appointed VP Roger Mason, Jr. is more likely to handle [...]

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