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Huq’s Pen: I’m bored and Omri Casspi has pushed one of the sophomores out of the rotation

If the preseason were The Dark Knight, we’d now be at that point where Rachel dies/Harvey loses it and things should be coming to a natural close so we can move on with our lives…but with there actually still being another hour remaining of forced analogies and contrived dilemmas until the actual culmination.  Yea, that’s kind [...]

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Huq’s Pen: Where boredom continues

We’re still in the midst of the darkest stretch of the year, but at the least, for now, we can bridge the gap with some football.  The good guys opened up the year last night in underwhelming fashion but closed out the night in an equally dramatic way, coming from down 21 to steal victory [...]

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Huq’s Pen: On Brewer, Parsons

I didn’t care much for the Casspi and Williams signings, but Ronnie Brewer has me excited, especially if he can return to form.  He’s been a proven contributor on playoff teams and thus, there’s no reason to think that Brewer can’t rebound to where he left off in his last productive season, given the right [...]

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Huq’s Pen: August Potpourri

I’m back.  Sorry for the three-week hiatus.  I just took the Texas Bar Exam this past week, a three day foray through Hell comprised of fifteen hours of testing over a span of three days, covering every aspect of law in this jurisdiction.  Hopefully that’s done with forever because I don’t want to have to [...]

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Dwight Howard Free Agency Watch: Part 14

Dwight has made his decision. Said he will announce his destination via Twitter possibly this weekend — janis carr (@janiscarr) July 5, 2013 Hold on….my tweet about Dwight's announcement was premature. No need to sit on Twitter this weekend. — janis carr (@janiscarr) July 5, 2013 This whole debacle has caused a greater loss of [...]

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