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The 5 Most Frustrating Players in Recent Rockets History

This was a very difficult list to make.  I’ve watched roughly 95% of the Houston Rockets’ games since 1994 and have seen a lot of bad basketball and a lot of extremely bad players.  I was there the year Matt Bullard and Walt Williams started in tandem at the forward spots.  I was there when [...]

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On the NBA: Why LeBron Terrifies the Old Guard

They’re the new you, and it’s damn near inevitable they’ll experience déjà vu too. Fight, and you’ll never survive; run, and you’ll never escape. So just fall from grace. Jay-Z, “Fallin’” Anyone’s who’s ever felt that terrifying, inevitable twinge that accompanies one’s own replacement intimately knows the fury that can quickly replace the deep, excruciating [...]

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Dreaming Through Free Agency’s Seven-Footers

Moving on from the horrific car accident that is the NBA’s current labor negotiation, here comes some casual dabbling in the always fun world of speculative free agency predictions. As we saw happen when the NFL finally came to its peaceful resolution, the splurge of signings, trades, relocation, and bag package quintupled in a condensed [...]

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How Cancelled Games Affect Houston

Whether it be financially, physically, emotionally, or all three rolled into one seismic disaster, every player, on every team, is bruised by the lockout. Guys really want to play ball, and a shortened season not only hurts them individually, but it’s a backward step for their teams as a whole—which doubles as a backward step, [...]

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Posted-Up: Exactly what we’d hoped would never happen

Eric Todd: If you believe the reports (which in light of how much media posturing there has been up to this point, how can you completely?), it looks like we might not see an NBA game until January or later. Watching (reading about) all this from afar, I can’t help but in some way relate [...]

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