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There Are No Secrets

Pick-up game stories are like war stories for cowards or, more accurately, like reenactment war stories. Yeah, the trembling of hands that just hit game-winners or the shaking of fists that just let one fly over outstretched fingers feel like the stuff of legends, the kind of tales with which you could regale your friends [...]

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Notes on a tragedy

Not that this is necessarily new news by any means (as the machine of new NBA news shakes and clanks as if it were built by a blind librarian and has recently been fueled like Doc’s Delorian in the second Back to the Future movie), but I just this morning (4 days late) read that [...]

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Some thoughts on the nature of talent

What is it that makes a person “good” at something? What is it about the things that certain people do, whether they be on a court, on a stage, on paper, or in a lab, that surprise, excite, and amaze us? How do we define such a nebulous idea as “talent”? In the NBA, this [...]

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Is Motiejunas’ Glass Half Empty?

“Dirk Nowitzki, anyone?” This is how the Houston Chronicle’s Richard Justice began his column the day after Houston selected Donatas Motiejunas 20th overall in the 2011 NBA draft. It’s a hopeful sentence that falls flat on its face, bringing to mind delicate geniuses like Andrea Bargnani and Yi Jianlian; all the promise trapped inside those [...]

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On the NBA: Rick Adelman Has an NBA Coaching Job

Much has been made of the oft-mentioned bit of NBA wisdom that no coach ever really gets fired (because another team will quickly hire him), and mostly because of Larry Brown, the axiom’s found some legs over the years. And the fact that Rick Adelman, just mere months after being released from his duties by [...]

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