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The biggest surprise of the offseason…

…there’s actually a highlight video of Matt Maloney in existence on the internet.  Here it is: I will need to double-check with Larry Coon, but I do believe Matt’s contract is still currently on the books. Maloney became something of a mythical figure upon retirement, the subject of numerous urban legends around the greater Houston [...]

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· 在本周的早些时候,ESPN有报道称,波什有一份心仪的球队名单,名单里包括五个城市,但休斯顿并不在其中。第二天,波什的经纪人出面否认了相关报道,并声称不存在什么名单。 · 雅虎体育报道称,火箭和开拓者正在竭尽全力地试图向上交易获得第三或第四顺位的选秀权。火箭目前拥有一个第14顺位的选秀权。报道中并未提及他们的目标是哪名球员,但是德马库斯·康辛斯是一名年轻的大个子球员,有着出色的上肢力量,他可以填补火箭内线的漏洞。 ·还有一则报道称费城76人在考虑出售他们的榜眼签,前提是与之交易的球队必须吃下埃尔顿·布兰德的大合同。如果火箭觉得埃文·特纳或者德马库斯·康辛斯有潜力成为一名核心球员的话,他们会尝试去做这笔交易。

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A Note on Donte Greene – Part 2

With all of the speculation surrounding the potential trading of future picks, I thought it might be time to revisit a post written earlier in the year. In Part 1, I wrote: Calculated risks are a big element of team management. This Houston Rockets team had a nucleus last year which, if healthy, could have [...]

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On the draft and the #2 pick

A reader writes: Just wondering if you’ll be addressing the recent news of the 76ers and their willingness to trade the 2nd overall pick (most likely Turner) only along with Brand. I’m curious on what your thoughts on it would be. Thus far, I’ve refrained from commenting on the draft.  As my exposure to these [...]

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Chris Bosh’s agent: “I haven’t given Bryan any lists. There is no list.”

via The Toronto Sun: Turns out there is a list that Colangelo has, but it didn’t come from Thomas. Last night, Thomas revealed he has never submitted a list to Colangelo like the one Ford described and never would. “Why would I do that?” Thomas said to the Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Ira Winderman. “We’re still in [...]

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