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So what is ‘Plan B’ this summer?

Plan A is Dwight Howard.  That much is clear.  The Rockets will plan their summer around making a pitch to Lakers center Dwight Howard at the start of free agency.  He’s been the object of Morey’s desire for quite some time and for good reason.  But while that snowball in Hell gains shape, Dwight jumping [...]

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Correction: On Delfino

At some point while writing this post, I forgot that Carlos Delfino’s contract was, rather than an expiring,  nonguaranteed next season.  My premise had been that the team would not re-sign him, opting to save future flexibility.  That’s incorrect. As the contract becomes nonguaranteed next season, the decision isn’t even whether to re-sign Delfino.  It’s [...]

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Will the Rockets retain Delfino?

Clutchfans’ David Weiner today released his ‘Houston Rockets Salary Cap Update’, a bi-annual state-of-finances report on the Houston Rockets. Among the interesting nuggets was this: Deciding which player(s) to take in the 2013 NBA Draft will not be the only key decision the Rockets have to make this June. As mentioned above, they have until [...]

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For Rockets, trading for Hawks’ Smith might now make sense

Since the season’s start, I’ve maintained that at the trade deadline, the Rockets should stay away from Hawks forward Josh Smith.  I never thought he was worth the money he wanted long-term nor worth the cost of saving money for better opportunities.  I thought though that even if they did want him, they’d be wise [...]

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Cap Backwards: List of recent transactions, or why the Celtics are cooked

I was unable to post last week due to a confluence of reasons, chief among them was studying for a test. Which made me think of the least favorite parts of school. Which made me think of how lucky it was to be a boy rather than a girl in high school (and in life, [...]

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