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Preview: Toronto Raptors @ Houston Rockets

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  • Rahat Huq says 1 YEAR ago http://blog.chron.com/ultimaterockets/2012/11/lowry-just-another-game-sampson-he%E2%80%99d-like-to-stick-it-to-us%E2%80%9D/


    Lowry, however, has had many of his best game against his other former team, including getting his career-high of 18 assists against the Grizzlies. His career-high scoring night came against his hometown team when he scored 36 against the 76ers.
  • Rahat Huq says 1 YEAR ago I just walked past him in the hall. I don't think he's going to talk before the game. We'll see what he says after.
  • tombrokeoff says 1 YEAR ago yeah lowry gonna ball out tonight
  • Rahat Huq says 1 YEAR ago I'll be thoroughly disappointed if we lose. But I am expecting 30 and 10 from Lowry.
  • tombrokeoff says 1 YEAR ago i agree with ya
  • RocketMan says 1 YEAR ago I don't see why not. We are coming off a big win at home and several days off in between. Toronto has some good talent, but not enough in this case. We will score a lot of points on this team, and they have been shooting poorly as a team lately. I am looking forward to seeing how Lowry does. He's fun to watch.
  • tombrokeoff says 1 YEAR ago 3 in a row / .500 !!? Come on, Rockets.

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