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Chuck Hayes

Chuck Hayes’ duties as a Rockets co-captain along with Shane Battier have been limited. He had to answer a question about being a captain. “I’m a captain?” he said. “I didn’t know I was. That’s news to me. Wow. I can’t remember the last time I was a captain. I guess as far as the [...]

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Houston Rockets 108, Golden State Warriors 107

Yes, the apathy has already sunk in. No, not the Rockets’. Don’t expect them to take even a single play off this entire year. We’re talking about my own apathy. Unfortunately, I’m pretty bored already and we’re only two games into the season. I know I’m not alone. Watching the game last night, I had [...]

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Portland Trail Blazers 96, Houston Rockets 87: No surprises…but a pleasant surprise

No, the sky isn’t falling. In the Houston Rockets’ 96-87 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers in last night’s season opener, things went just as anyone should have expected. The Rockets scratched and clawed for 48 minutes, even making things interesting at one point late, but ultimately fell to a superior foe. This is the [...]

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Kyle Lowry: Upside?

I’ve said before that Kyle Lowry is my favorite player on the Houston Rockets. I really, really like Kyle Lowry. Much ado is made of the Luis Scola trade or finding Landry in the second round, but in my opinion, the Lowry trade was the most impressive acquisition of the Daryl Morey era and really [...]

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Yao/McGrady – Year Six

Upon hearing the news regarding Yao Ming, my initial intent was to create a post-mortem assessment of the ‘Yao-McGrady experiment’. This was based on the assumption that the Houston Rockets would opt for rebuilding. Unbeknownst to us at this juncture, this may still very well be the plan. However, with the core surviving intact through [...]

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