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On McGrady – Part 1

I will refrain from commenting on the recent speculation surrounding management’s motivations in handling Tracy McGrady.  I can’t offer any insight unique to what has already been said, and I would rather not give way to conjecture. My preferred subject for discussion is McGrady’s role on this team. As was the case last season, the [...]

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Charting Houston Rockets guard Kyle Lowry

One odd phenomenon that has perplexed me since the previous year has been Houston Rockets guard Kyle Lowry’s complete inability to shoot the basketball despite possessing a fairly orthodox shooting form. Lowry is shooting 43% overall from the field, which is at his career average and right around the norm for most NBA guards. However, [...]

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Houston Rockets 97, Minnesota Timberwolves 84

•9:27 in the 1st – Chuck Hayes cuts off Al Jefferson on the baseline. I wanted to make note of this possession to underscore Hayes’ mastery of strategic positioning but unfortunately, he pretty much got destroyed the rest of the way. •8:40 in the 1st – Trevor Ariza drives to his right, gets trapped and [...]

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A Note on Donte Greene

Our old friend Donte Greene scored 24 points last night on 10-19 shooting in a losing effort against the Bulls. Green is thus far averaging 8.4ppg in this his second year, and it appears he will, at the least, be a legitimate rotation player. The sentiment that the Ron Artest trade was a mistake will [...]

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Phoenix Suns 111, Houston Rockets 105

•The first thing that jumps out at me in viewing the box score is that despite scoring a career high 27 points, Carl Landry had the lowest +/- on the team at -17. Conversely, Chuck Hayes had the second highest at +4. I found this to be pretty amusing. •With 11.6 seconds left in the [...]

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