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Cap Backwards: List of recent transactions, or why the Celtics are cooked

I was unable to post last week due to a confluence of reasons, chief among them was studying for a test. Which made me think of the least favorite parts of school. Which made me think of how lucky it was to be a boy rather than a girl in high school (and in life, [...]

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Like Les Alexander, the Philadelphia 76ers own the Rockets.

Wednesday night’s loss to the Philadelphia 76ers could be described as heart or back-breaking to Houston fans, the kind of loss that might finally bang the gavel on the Rockets’ postseason chances. Such observations are entirely valid, as is any palpable frustration with the Rockets’ apparent collapse in the fourth quarter of a must-win (on [...]

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Huq’s Pen: Revisiting Lowry

I have to toot my own horn here.  For the many I’ve gotten wrong (Artest in LA, Ariza in NOLA, Scola), it seems I’ve been dead on about Kyle Lowry since last year.  Since the All-Star break, the beastly bulldog has averaged 19.9 points, 8.5a assists, and 5.5 boards per contest.  Those are All-Star numbers, [...]

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Talk of the Moment: Houston Rockets vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Houston Rockets vs. Philadelphia 76ers Wednesday, 6:00pm CST @ Wells Fargo Center All in-game and post-game discussion goes here. ***

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Highlight: Lowry scores 14 in the 1st Quarter


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