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Explanation of my Marcus Morris pick on THTV


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ESPN: 5-on-5 on power forwards

ESPN’s latest 5-on-5, where I make a pick which will likely be highly unpopular around these parts: Replacing injured Luis Scola with rookie Patrick Patterson took the Rockets’ starting lineup down to .88 points per possession allowed, by far the team’s stingiest defensive five-man unit; Houston also didn’t miss a beat in the W-L column. [...]

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TrueHoop TV: Marcus Morris as the most intriguing rookie

I make my case in the latest TrueHoop TV for Marcus Morris as the most intriguing rookie in the NBA this season.  I’ll have more thoughts in a follow-up video in the coming days.

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NBA Locked Up, Fans Included

The increasing reports of NBA players departing overseas makes me nervous… not that I believe most of them. It’s posturing and gamesmanship; I see your bet and raise you 53% revenue share and a soft cap. Players are saying they are strongly considering the move, as if their thoughts were driven by a metronome; every [...]

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ESPN: Life After Yao Ming

My take on life after Yao Ming for the Houston Rockets.

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