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           如果你还没看过我去年写的赛季前瞻“姚与麦蒂这六年”的话,请摸我。 — 不是因为当初那篇东西里有啥特别石破天惊的东西, 而是因为当上写这边东西的时候, Red94还没有正式加入TrueHoop, 当时看的人不够多, 所以我现在来回头给自己打个广告。            在正式发表对这个赛季的前瞻之前, 我觉得有必要再重新看一下我们去年的那篇分析, 来获得一些讨论的基础。  

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Rockets Daily: Thursday, September 30th, 2010

As all of the other cool kids get to do it, it only seems fair that the Houston Rockets has its own dissatisfied young star on the roster. Aaron Brooks wants to at least be talking about a contract extension, discussions that didn’t start until yesterday. Suddenly at the end of September, the summer of [...]

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Yao/McGrady – Year Six: Part 2

If you had not yet read my season preview for last year, please do so, not to gain any particular insight, but rather for the simple fact that it was composed prior to the TrueHoop inception and has been seen by very few eyes.

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Rockets Daily: Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Ah, media day. Nothingness can be news, and people can lie without reprimand, gleefully avoiding what we all know we want to talk about. First and foremost on the media carousel? Who other than Carmelo Anthony, lauded and hated by all. While his name’s current ubiquity has and will inevitably draw Decision comparisons, Anthony found [...]

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Rockets Daily: Monday, September 27th, 2010

This weekend, trade talks swirling around the Houston Rockets got interesting, in the truest sense of that word. At some time on Saturday, the Rockets made public its pursuit of one young Anthony Randolph, a player the Rockets want to the point of helping the New York Knicks get the golden goose that is Carmelo [...]

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