Talk of the Moment: Houston Rockets vs. Toronto Raptors

Friday, 6:00 CST @ Toronto

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  • Anonymous

    Yao out at least another 2 weeks. I think he’s done after this year, guys. You just can’t field a team like this.

  • Kevin

    This team is such a mess. No choice but to blow it up and rebuild. Years of patching in hope for contention has taken its toll. There are no longer assumed wins. Rock bottom. I was talking with a co-worker yesterday about how for over a decade no matter how bad the team has gotten the defense was always so good that you never really worried about it, but now there is just no hope.

  • Rh Rivera

    Morey played his hand – in the end he just didn’t have the cards.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. I can’t criticize him – it just didn’t work. Hell, I’ll still argue that if it were up to Morey, I’m not sure he wouldn’t have traded him years ago.

  • zen

    I have to agree, get under the cap and start rebuilding. Whether he retires or not, it’s time to part ways with Yao (unless he agrees to a vet minimum or something silly like that). Asian marketing and Chinese shoe deals mean almost nothing to most fans. I’d like to see some wins, brought about by players with good character and bright futures. That’s what matters to me as a fan; salary figures and efficiency ratings are a distant second to that.

    What worries me is the idea of Morey following people like John Hollinger and continuing to rate the team so much higher than it’s record, and missing the idea that you still need to win games and not just conjured statistical categories. If you lose every game by one point, then you could say that you’re have a good team, but you’re still 0-82. I don’t think Morey is that fascinated by his stats that he’d lose sight of the bigger picture, it just concerns me to see praise for a team in such disarray if there is a chance that the people in charge might start to believe it.

  • Bob Schmidt

    Yao is not the problem with the team so far. Miller and Hill have done a credible job, but we do have a problem. The team’s stats at every position are equal or better than last year, excepting at the point guard. If Ish were playing starter minutes instead of Kyle, statistically we would score 3 more points per game, save two fouls, and save 2 turnovers. The net affect would be at least a positive 6 point swing. Plus, it’s not that Ish is playing so well, it is that Kyle has really poor numbers. Let’s fix what can be fixed by starting Ish until Kyle starts showing improvement.

    Yao is an unknown, so let’s see what happens further down the road…

  • Bob3296

    correction to above post: The team stats are overall better at the other positions. The 3 spot is down the same amount that the 4 is up, for a net zero effect on the stats. The 2 and 5 spots are up a differential of +5 compared to last season… All of that improvement is reflected in the offense stats.

  • Jodorowsky

    Man you all take this thing way to seriously. For me its still about the simple pleasure of just watching your home team play the beautiful game of basketball. Last game i put the tv on mute had some nice music playing in the background and was doing some work and I was having a great time. Obviously I want the team to do well just like everyone else, but you still need to find some pleasure from the game besides pouring over stats and looking for someone to blame while throwing yourself a pity party. Granted I just adopted this new perspective in the last week…

  • Rolyat93

    The Chuckwagon is a good term for Hayes because the rest of this teams defense makes me want to throw up.

  • Anonymous

    one of the raptors commentators sounds like Ray Romano

  • Chris

    I’m pretty sure Lowry is terrible. Does anyone still think Brooks is expendable?

  • RobC

    This team is fail. We all bought in off of last year. Lowry looks fat and happy, where’s mister tough defender for his size. He’s giving minimum 5 feet spacing at all times, all to fond of lazily following a cutter into the lane. Battier doesn’t have it in him to chase athletic 3s anymore, he’s always trailing his man off a curl to a pick. Scola is good on an actual team, but he cannot be your #1 option, a role he shares with Martin. Martin is fine if we had actual painted area defense. This team has combined to get older and grab a collective amount of ho hum parts. I don’t think any of our players outside of Scola and Martin would start on all that many teams.

  • Daniel

    Uhhh. no. I want my team to win.

  • RobC

    And the offense… The bench is currently nonfunctional, and I don’t really have an answer. Yes AB is out as well as Yao, but who expected super Yao anyway? I also like how opponents immediately focus on Chase for iso plays when he checks in.

  • lj98

    This is bad, very bad. I actually don’t blame Lowry. He could still not be 100% and I thought he played a decent game. It’s our frontline that is killing us. If whoever Scola is guarding can shoot, he’s going to torch us. Miller looks like a limited reserve at best. Stick a nobody who is tall and can jump, and he will dominate the glass against us. Doesn’t help if you stick Hayes in there either. Rebounding is absolutely killing us. I was ready to give up on Battier as well but he actually played a good game and he can still defend fairly well. Throw in Budinger and Kleiza was scoring at will. Without a defensive front line, our only change is to try and outscore opponents. We need a lineup blow up. Recall Patterson. Throw Taylor in there instead of Budinger. Hell it can’t get any worse.

  • RobC

    I don’t think Battier is horrible , I just don’t think he can cope with the complete fail of our interior defense. Totally agree about Scola, and your reference on Bud is exactly what I was thinking of. Our bigs cannot play help defense, and our perimeter players need it.

  • Anonymous

    well its now certain any form of shot Budinger had last year is now gone, long gone. Lowry had a good game, focused on facilitating rather than shooting. Martin has a horrible thought process when it comes to shot selection. Battier’s offense is starting to reappear, the defense isn’t to far behind. Scola had a down game on the boards. Defense is a necessity and we’re going to keep losing to (and we’ll continue to be a) lottery teams like the Raptors until we find something that resembles defense. (Iggy… Wallace (pipe dream))

  • zing

    The event, much like the Rockets was in standby mode throughout the game.

  • Dave

    Isn’t Jeffries a defensive specialist? Why not give him a shot? No one else is playing defense.

  • Stephen

    The owner isn’t going to pay the Lux Tax for a lottery team.
    If the team is still this bad come Feb,there’s going to be a fire sale.

  • ive lost all hope when we lose to the raptors

  • Jodorowsky

    But don’t you see they’re not going to win… so why go insane… just become completely detached… seeee SEEEEE!!! ITS WORKING FOR ME…. (just rocking back and forth in the corner of a padded room)

  • Shawn

    At least we didn’t draft Greg Oden over Durant. 🙂

  • Stephen

    Free advice to Morey and rest of Front Office. Worth every penny it costs you 😉
    It’s time to focus your analytical tools and scouts takes like a laser. You need to identify the next McGrady,the next Jermaine O’Neal. A young player buried on the bench,being used as a supporting role player who w/minutes can explode as a star. Find him and do whatever it takes to trade for him.

    Second you need to establish and enforce the Adelman Rule. Never again sign or trade for a former player of your Head Coach.(Whoever that Head Coach may be.) The reason your Head Coach became available to be your Head Coach is his former players weren’t good enough for him to keep his old job.

    Third,if you have identified a player in the Draft who you think can be either a star or a high-impact player,make the frakkin’ trade! There is no price too high to pay to trade down for a star. You’ve shown you can find quality role players,so do the damn deal and worry about restocking the supporting cast later!

    Fourth,learn how to balance your roster. Either 1/3 of your roster are PGs or they are PFs. Quantity does not make quality.

    Fifth,I’ve reluctantly come to the Yao off the bench crew. But,only if you can find an agile, rebound gobbling,shot-blocking,court running C to put next to Scola. You can then pair Yao w/Hill/Patterson off the bench and there’s nothing to stop Yao from finishing games. But having him come off the bench minimizes his health issues screwing up the whole team. Sorry,but until he shows he can play 30 minutes a game,75-80 games a season,bring him off the bench.

    That’s all for now,
    Keeping the faith in LA,

  • Rolyat93

    it’s time to start watching the Spurs.. the Rockets are very disappointing, the Mavs are good but I lose late game intrigue when Dirk is shooting that awkward fadeaway, seizure-like fadeaway shot, also TP9 has to have some SERIOUS game if he was getting around on Eva.

  • Patrick

    The only word I can use to describe my feelings about the Rockets is apathy. For the first 6 or 7 losses, I was legitimately mad afterwards, this one not so much. Les Alexander better hope I’m the only one.

  • Let’s draft the next superstar and rebuild

  • Bad thing is…this draft doesn’t look like it will have a superstar….Harrison Barnes being the only player that resembles that and he’ll get drafted 1st

  • Rocket Fan in Santa Barbara

    Other than defense, rebounding, and the bench, I don’t think we are really that bad.

  • Kevin

    It’s starting to feel like watching the Astros lose.

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