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Talk of the Moment: Houston Rockets vs. Toronto Raptors

Houston Rockets (15-16) vs. Toronto Raptors (11-20)

Friday, 6:00pm CST @ Toyota Center

All pre-game and in-game discussion goes here.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of Red94.net.

in game coverage
Mrceddd 5pts

We need to MOVE BATTIER.......he's not helping us at all...He's getting too old. Need to move him to front office....PERIOD......And as far as playing Brooks and Lowry together...it didnt work last year and not going to work this year either.

Bob Schmidt
Bob Schmidt 5pts

That big fluffy-headed horrible shooter was +27 last night shooting 8/10 for 22 points in 24 minutes in last night's win over the dinos. Wonder which minutes we should have taken from him?

Also, it seems fair enough to compare career numbers on both players regarding the disparity in shooting histories for both of them. Otherwise, we're just cherry-picking to make one look better. Fluffy-head is a better shooter, .503% to .425%. Bud is also a year younger and slightly bigger than Williams. Oh yeah, cheaper too!

Bob Schmidt
Bob Schmidt 5pts

Daren, the following may interest you...
So far, in their NBA careers, Bud has played 2045 minutes compared to Terrence with 1970 minutes. Bud's PER is 13.8, Terrence is 11.0 PER. Bud shoots eFG% of .503 compared to .425 for Terrence. Terrence averages 11.3% rebounds to Bud's 8.8%, and has a higher assist % of 22.9% to Bud's 10.7%.

However, Bud averages slightly more blocks, and a turn-over ratio about ½ of Terrences. Career win shares for Bud total 3.8 while Terrence is a negative, -0.7. It would appear that Terrence might produce a few more rebounds and assists, but also commit twice as many turnovers and contribute less offense. Both players have great athletic abilities, but Williams looks to be a far rougher prospect for regular playing time at this point. Definitely a worthwhile project, but not yet ready for prime-time.
(All stats were pulled from http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/w/willite01.html )

Daren 5pts

Very good info, thanks! I had heard of Williams' slight lack of restraint in terms of shot selection as well - which would seemingly affect some of those stats. I'm wondering if he has also been negatively impacted by playing with the Nets early on.

The two players do seem very comparable, but I think Bud has an advantage in being with the Rockets from the start.

My opinion is that he'll improve greatly in this organization. What I like about Terence is his play making abilities (from what I have seen) that could provide another level of impact from the bench.

Stephen 5pts

Looking at the stats,Bud and Lee are pretty similar as to assists,turnovers,rebounding,WS. Williams rebounds better and has twice the assists-and nearly 3 times the turnovers.(Tho his turnovers sky-rocketed this yr in NJ,suggesting he was trying to force things trying to impress new coach.)
Suggest Williams could be paired w/either one successfully. Lee offers better D,Bud better shooting.
Also theoretically Williams would be a better match w/a Brooks/Martin guard combo-or a Battier/Brooks duo,where Lee would look to be a better fit w/a Lowry/Martin duo.

Not saying any will happen,but if Martin were to be traded,it looks like the Rockets could go either Lowry,Battier and Bud(or Lee) or Brooks,Williams,Battier.
If Battier were to be moved,the Rockets could go Brooks,Martin,Williams or Lowry,Martin and Lee.
If Brooks were to be traded the starters prob remain the same,but the second unit would likely be Lee,Williams,Bud.
Morey has started to recieve criticism for his team building skills,but it's amazing how he has built a
roster where he could trade away his starting PG(before injury),SG,SF and/or PF and have quality young players ready to take their place.
Morey could trade away Scola,Battier,Martin and Brooks for nothing but draft picks and still field a competitive team.

Mrceddd 5pts

One question...Why did we trade for Terence Williams. Not understanding the move. I like his play and think he can help us. I think when Shane or Bud having a bad night..Why not play Terence. What is the deal....BAD COACHING!!!

Stephen 5pts

While I certainly agree with you that Williams should start playing,whose minutes does he take?
What I would really like to know is what unit is he practicing with and at what position.(Starters,second,third string? SG,SF?)
Even more puzzling is Adelman going back to his Brooks/Lowry backcourt pairing. Its not last season when Rick's reserve wings were a pair of rookies in Bud and JT. When he pairs Brooks and Lowry he's sitting 4 of Martin,Battier,Lee,Bud and Williams.(Conspiracy theorists would say Rick knows Brooks isn't being traded but Martin or Battier are.Me,I think Adelman is just going back to what's worked in past.)

Patterson looked good,but much of his time was against Kleiza,a SF pressed into PF duties due to injuries. Patterson was active,but looked like he was thinking about where he had to go on offense. May have been nerves,but he didn't seem to be a particularly high leaper and he looked rather short against NBA players-not Summer League ones.
I don't see him as Hill 2.0,more Landry 2.0. Better defensively and far better on defensive boards than Carl,not as explosive nor as fierce going after offensive rebounds.

Wtflife asked in a different post if I wanted to trade Martin. Short answer...yes.
Long answer,Martin is a one-dimensional player who is superb at that dimension. I can live w/his defensive liabilities in the regular season as most teams don't start two scorers at the wings. But in Playoffs most teams have a competent second-scoring wing and time to prepare to exploit weaknesses. Still something that a solid Rockets D could deal with.(Not to mention Rick had pretty good success in Sac playing Peja,who was as defensively challenged.)
My "problem" is how he affects the rest of the roster.
Martin is not a playmaker for others,he doesn't command a double-team,he doesn't distort good defenses on his own. Put someone who does on the floor w/Martin and Martin will be deadly,pouring in points during the game. But the Rockets as is don't have that player.
Because of Martin's defensive liabilities,the other wing will have to defend the other team's leading scorer/playmaker,leaving that wing far less energy to carry the playmaking burden for the Rockets offense. Finding a Chris Webber clone,who can shoot,drive and shred Ds with his passes,is dang near impossible.(Which is why Morey went so hard for Bosh.)
That leaves a PG as the playmaking answer and those,while not rare,are even harder to find. Scoring PGs,plenty,but PGs who know how to break a D and make the right pass at the right time are rare.(Consider how rare it is for elite PGs to move around. Nash has been the exception in recent times.)
IMO,the Rockets will need to find a Webber,a CP3 to team w/Martin for the team to be a title contender. That doesn't look like it's happening any time soon. In the meantime the Rockets have been a .500 team w/Martin,a player who's only had one season in which his team went to Playoffs.
Trading Martin means the team could have a play-making wing to go w/a defensive wing and the PG could be a scorer. It opens up more options,while conceding Martin's 20+ PPG.

Daren 5pts

So, does anyone think Terence Williams will start seeing playing time soon? I'd like to see him play - looks like his stats match up with Bud's? Can someone on this blog do a comparison - or know of one that already exists?

Thiefery 5pts

Jordan Hill is really stepping up, I'm becoming more of a believer as he plays. Chase had another solid game tonight as well. Glad to be back at .500.

TKan 5pts

Patterson with a double double =). Maybe the injury to Hayes will be a blessing in disguise similar to Brooks for Lowry. Happy new years!

TKan 5pts

Lee made a layup!

Jeby 5pts

just looked at the gamecast....Patterson with 7 pts, 4 reb, and 1 illegal defense (meh) in seven minutes. Feels like Jordan Hill 2.o...

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