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Red94 is ESPN.com’s Houston Rockets Affiliate.  It was created by Rahat Huq in October of 2009 and inducted into the ESPN TrueHoop Network in December of that same year.  Rahat now serves as editor-in-chief.

We have several other writers on our staff who contribute weekly essays, analysis, and game previews and recaps.  These contributors include Mitchell Felker, John Eby, Michael Pina, Forrest Walker, John Wilmes, Robert Dover, Paul McGuire, Richard Li, Justin Wehr, and Eric Nielsen.  We also have had many other wonderful contributors over the years to whom we are deeply indebted.

We invite you to participate in our forums to join the discussion on all items Houston Rockets and the NBA.  The forums are mirrored with the front page articles through a custom plugin allowing users to comment/read from either end.  Every front page article is sent directly into the forums.  Our forums are moderated by Blake Couey, John Gold, Drew Bowen, and Mario Peña.  Please contact them via personal message to express any concerns.

Follow @redninetyfour on Twitter and subscribe to The Red94 Podcast on iTunes.  Visit our YouTube channel for our postgame lockerroom footage from every Houston Rockets home game.

Please direct all requests and inquiries to rahathuq@red94.net.