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Here’s Michael McCann:

Also, if Gilbert truly cared so much about loyalty, why did he just try to persuade Tom Izzo to leave Michigan State, which Izzo’s coached for the last 14 years, to coach the Cavs? In fact, why would the Cavaliers pursue any coach or player whose associated with another organization when the Cavs would be causing a breach of loyalty, an act of “betrayal”? Or is loyalty only a one-way street with the Cavs?

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  • Thomas

    As outsiders looking in, the mania of Gilbert's letter is pretty obvious. The entire organization was his to mold, and the ultimate goal of winning with James still in-tow was not realized. Gilbert might not have anyone to blame but himself, but the letter was not for us, or James, or (lol) Stern, but to his market.

    It's basically a show of empathy to his own market that he shares the same fate. It might not be rational, since we assume he was in control, but it's probably meant to assuage Cavs fans in Cleveland, even if he over-promises and over-whines. He might even have believed it too, given all of the concessions he no doubt made for James to keep him happy with the organization.

    I'm not sure why the letter itself is so surprising. It's really (really) poorly written, yes. It's disingenuous as well. But I guess when you're a jilted owner, you don't have to ask your PR/Marketing arm to see if your idea is a good idea, you just, at the height of your frenzy, tell some web admin to post your letter. Henry Abbott also wrote on Truehoop how the very public letter might have made the S&T more palatable for Cavs fans; while I doubt that the move was engineered/premeditated, it does produce that insulating effect to the front office for agreeing to a deal.

    The guy wrote a letter. Punishment was meted. Guilt? Well, I guess you'd have to ask around about guilt. To the NBA, it's absolved. Is it going to impact their future dealings with players? Considering that, prior to the letter, Gilbert was perceived as a willing spender, and thus, satisfying the chief barometer by which we measure owners, I don't see it as very difficult to repair the damage given enough time.

  • Jordan

    I think loyalty normally goes to the highest bidder. But in this case Lebron took less money???

    Rockets will match the Cavs offer and sign Kyle Lowry.

  • Tesla

    Gilbert vowed to try harder than he ever has to win a championship in his scathing letter about LeBron. Does this mean that he wasn't trying as hard as he could have while he still had the best player in the league? If so, I would find that pretty inexcusable if I were a Cleveland fan.

  • Michael

    I'll be quite honest, at this point everything surrounding “The Decision” is done and over. Gilbert was very much in the Mark Cuban mold of ownership: a fan with loads of money and a passion for the game. And I think it was this side that fueled the letter/rant and Gilbert had a mixture of anger/panic/”betrayal” and it showed in the now-famous letter, which is almost stream-of-consciousness. I would hope that in the light of day now he would realize that rebuilding is the way to go, considering that building to win now was part of a factor for the situation they're in now. Loyalty in the league is like the idea of love in the media.

    Also, I'm really wondering why the Cavs of all places made the offer to Lowry. Like Rahat said, its great that Lowry's worth is quantified and he's worth every dime, but again I just don't understand why the Cavs would offer when they have a PG situation like we do at the 4. I dunno.

    Oh, and this free agency patience thing? It's tough. I want shiny new toys…but I know in the end Morey will come out trumps for the Rockets

  • bob schmidt

    Fear not sportsfans! While we have just lost a mellowed George Steinbrenner, we do have a younger 48 year old version of him in Dan Gilbert to amuse us. Public temper tantrums, outlandish behavior, and uncontrolled emotion will likely become expected as the Cavs majority owner tries to make good on his promise to win a title before Lebron does.

    Those who like Dan or the Cavs will probably explain his behavior as simply a display of his passion for his team. Most of us will probably judge him by other criteria. This must have brought a smile to Mark Cuban's face….

    As to the offer made to Kyle, I suspect that Gilbert really wanted to sign him because he really likes his personality and playing style. Converting the Cavs into a fast break, high scoring team might satisfy Cav's fans who will be looking for ways to like the team next year. The Cavs could do far worse than becoming an exciting and high energy team to replace the team dominated by “the chosen one”.

    As Dan Gilbert matures, he will probably achieve his objective of a title at some point. People who are obsessed with winning usually find a way. Meanwhile, let's sit back and enjoy the drama…..

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