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Huq’s Pen: Assessing the Houston Rockets’ Game 1 loss

If Patrick Beverley has been lost, you can kiss the Houston Rockets’ title hopes this year goodbye.  You can stick a fork in them.  They don’t have a chance in hell without Beverley.  I guess we will find out in a few hours.  When Red94 went to press, it was believed that Beverley had suffered [...]

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The Houston Rockets against LaMarcus Aldridge

On the year, LaMarcus Aldridge averaged 23.2 points and 11.1 boards while shooting 45.8% from the floor.  Against the Houston Rockets, in four games this year, Aldridge put up 26.8 points and pulled down 15.5 boards, shooting 44.7%.  He averaged 36.2 minutes per game against the entire league but played 39.1 minutes per contest against [...]

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Huq’s Pen: And so it begins

Despite not really being a true contender, Houston was among just a handful of teams whose season didn’t really matter.  All they would be judged upon would be their postseason play.  And now we’re here.  After an 82-game rollercoaster, the boys in red will be opening up at home this weekend against the Portland TrailBlazers.   The [...]

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Huq’s Pen: On Greg Smith

In a move that came as a bit of a shock (to use that term loosely), the Rockets announced yesterday that they had waived forward/center Greg Smith and signed center Dexter Pittman to replace him for the remainder of the year.  First, before I dive into the obituary on Smith, a funny story on Pittman: [...]

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Huq’s Pen: Is James Harden underrated?

During a recent nationally televised broadcast–against whom I can’t remember–one of the play by play men said something like “Harden is one of the 10 or 15 best players in the league” and judging by his tone, you could tell he wasn’t fully confident in his assertion.  The other day, I heard a host on [...]

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