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I’m drinking a cup of coffee as I write this.  I have a serious dilemma on my hands for which I will need your consult to solve.  I drink one cup per day regularly upon awakening but never allow myself to exceed this amount.  I don’t know why. Well I do know why but I’ll save that part.  So anyways, I typically come home and take a thirty minute to one hour nap and then am good to go until right before midnight.  But lately, especially with the most demanding daily schedule of my life, I feel these naps can no longer be justified – that time is too precious to waste in slumber.  I realize that most of you, hell, 99% of working Americans/students typically just consume coffee throughout the day at various points to combat their sluggishness.  I would like to take the plunge to join these ranks but have one major fear: how do you avoid escalation?  If caffeine loses its effectiveness and requires larger and larger amounts, how do you stave off that point where you’re needing 10 cups a day to keep from collapsing?  I typically slow down at around 1:00PM and again at 4:00PM and would like to limit myself to a cup at these two points (along with the obligatory morning cup) for a total of three per day.  Can this be done effectively or is ‘escalation’ inevitable?

I can’t express how excited I am that the season is upon us.  We’re going to be doing things a lot differently this year, in tune with your requests.  The most frequent criticism of Red94 last season was my narrow scope of analysis as I sometimes omitted even conveyance of the final scores from each game.  What was the point?  We weren’t going anywhere so I was more interested in how the team developed.  With health back on our side–for now–I’ll be providing more traditional coverage with recaps in the Dailies and even highlight videos.  I’m also going to open the blog up for pre-game and in-game discussion and am hopeful of intelligent discussion.  It’s not fair to not provide a venue to discuss the subjects of true importance – the games.

With the prospect of Jared Jeffries seeing regular minutes and the confirmation of Courtney Lee’s abilities, I’m feeling more confident now in the chances of regaining our past defensive identity.  Playing Jeffries over Hill gives the rotation a group of six defenders (Lowry-Battier-Lee-Hayes-Jeffries-Yao) among whom only Yao could be considered ‘just good.’  (Having said that, Yao is elite as a goalkeeper.)

Another point: a lot of talk lately over just how bad rookie Derrick Favors has looked leading some to smugly conclude that any interest the Nuggets may have had in the Nets forward must surely have eroded.  Not sure I follow this logic. Everyone knew Favors was raw.  If the Nuggets had interest, it wasn’t with the present in mind and surely took into consideration his stage of development.  They’re not going to suddenly be turned off by the validation of something they probably already knew.

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