Two Carmelo Anthony Related Points

Two points for discussion while I eat this sandwich:

1. The ghost of Tracy McGrady hovers over this discussion in some relevant ways.

1a) deterrence – Many feel embittered after the McGrady experience, gaining cynicism towards all misfits.  I don’t think this is wise.  While I have my own reluctances, this past experience should not scare one off completely.  As I have often said, “Tim Duncan isn’t walking through that door,” and talent is talent and ultimately what wins in the NBA.

1b) the comparison – to be fair, Carmelo Anthony shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as the Tracy McGrady of 2005.  You could state with a straight face that the team had acquired the best player in basketball, in those days.  In this situation, were there to be a trade, you’d need to conjure quite an argument to convince some of the smarter basketball minds that the Rockets had acquired a player who was truly “elite.”

2. We’ve heard the anti-Melo argument, passionately posited by the stat-geek community.  What are the chances that Morey has no interest?  Based on his comments and his known philosophy, it’s really at 50/50, I think.

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