On McGrady – Part 4

It appears that Tracy McGrady has played his last game as a Houston Rocket.

The entire saga has been disappointing.

I’m disappointed by the outcome; disappointed in McGrady; disappointed by the sudden finality of that moment when a prior hope ceases to exist.

I said in my assessment that, overall, I didn’t think Tracy was helping this team.  He did however look much better in his next two outings.

I had hoped that McGrady would be given a further chance; a chance to supply his passing for legitimate durations; a chance to show that he could in fact fit in to this new scheme.

That will not happen.  Management has made its decision.

As has far too often been the case, McGrady opened his mouth and promptly inserted his foot [publically requesting more minutes after the win at Orlando.]

But this time, the fading talent wasn’t worth the talk, and Rick Adelman had had enough.

I’m skeptical of the decision, but I have full faith in Daryl Morey and Adelman.

Their way is not how I would have done it, but I trust their judgment.

Morey and Adelman might be the best management duo in our league.  In their stints with the team, each has been nearly infallible.

Their way is not how I would have done it, but their track record earns such trust.

Yet still, my underlying concern remains.  It is easy to become lost in the euphoria of this season of exceeded expectations.  But this team, as currently composed, is not a championship contender.  This team, as currently composed, will need an elite player to attain the heights it seeks.

While the vision had crumbled of McGrady once more becoming that player, I felt he could at least masquerade in the role, utilizing the vestiges that still remained of a once deadly arsenal, boosting the team through close fourth quarters.

But that will not happen – Tracy McGrady is gone.  The focus now turns to finding that player who he no longer is.

Going Forward

We don’t know what he can fetch, but McGrady’s only value is as financial relief (McGrady has an expiring contract meaning that a team can drop his $23 million salary from its payroll after the season.)  He could have worth if packaged with another Rocket, but its unclear as to whether the team is willing to dismantle its core.

For now, Daryl Morey will bide his time, listen, and entertain.  There is no urgency to strike a deal so it is doubtful that anything is imminent.

For now, all that is clear is that Tracy McGrady may have played his last game as a Houston Rocket.

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