Cap Backwards: Introducing a Chart

Even after a week of adjusting to the revised NBA landscape, Rockets fans remain ensconced in the fog of “What the hell just happened?” Was our team not supposed to be the most active, having the best chance at landing an impactful player (aka ‘a player full of impact’ – yes, I know its not a word)?I feel like Ed Norton at the end of The Italian Job. I spent the entire season thinking everything was grand and was leading toward a happy ending. Where, then, did the metaphorical Russian holding a gun to my head come from? Why am I so confused as to why things are currently as they are?

I’m not saying that I am moving on, because I am certainly too much of a second guesser to do that. But dealing with reality is probably in order to at least bring the current state of the Rockets to light.

Which is why Red94 has published a Rockets salary page. It lists the salary, to the best of my knowledge and research, of each active player on the Rockets and distinguishes between Team Options, Player Options, and Qualifying Offers via a complex color coding system of Blue, Red and Green.

Additionally, I have listed the estimated Cap Holds each player will count toward Houston’s salary cap the summer their contract expires. This amount will let you know that, even though the player is not under contract, the cap hold is applied to the team’s salary cap until that player signs a new contract.

I used data and figures from all over the place but especially from and I hope you enjoy (which would be best accomplished by glazing over the $16,392,183 potentially owed to Hasheem Thabeet).

Remember, the NBA is negotiating with the Player’s Association on a new set of rules that will govern player salaries, soooo…..

Written by Connor Winn, ‘Cap Backwards’ is a discussion column on the NBA’s salary cap and its many intricacies.

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