Talk of the Moment: Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

Saturday, 7:30pm CST @ Toyota Center

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San Antonio Spurs [53-12] – (22-9 Away)


Houston Rockets [33-33] – (17-13 Home)

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Head to Head: Spurs lead 2-0

Game 1: Saturday, November 6th

Rockets 121

Spurs 124       Final

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Red94 – The Innervation in San Antonio

Game 2: Saturday, January 29th

Rockets 95

Spurs 108       Final

Recap » Boxscore »

Current Streak: Spurs W2, Rockets L1

Last 10 Games: Spurs 7-3, Rockets 7-3

Injury Report

  • Spurs
    • Richard Jefferson – Day to Day
  • Houston Rockets
    • Luis Scola – Day to Day

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  • A match between big brother and the youngest brother of the Texas teams. That is how I felt for years. Spurs, the older, more experienced and winning team are the oldest. The Mavs have not accomplished as much as the oldest but have their own success (more than us, so middle brother). The Rockets are the youngest brother who try and try and just end up coming up short time and time again.

    We lost an unexpected game against the Suns which leaves even less room for error. Thank you Brad Miller. I know Miller was playing really good before that last minute of the game but that doesn’t lessen the blow. The last minute in a close game is the deciding factor. You can’t be throwing stupid passes like that. Again, thank you Miller.

    Hoping for an upset against the Spurs. I also hope that every team above us in the standings lose. Tonight is a big night since the Grizzlies (vs Heat), Hornets (vs Kings), Trailblazers (vs Hawks), Jazz (vs Bulls) and Nuggets (vs Pistons) all play. Some of these teams are already close to crossing the ‘we can’t catch them line’ however you may never know if a team suffers an epic collapse.


  • Anonymous

    Memphis lose! Looks like tonight’s the night to make up some ground. Realistically I don’t see us catching Portland or Denver (who are playing very well right now without Melo, it must be said). It’s a pretty long way to New Orleans too, and I’d expect them to remain out of reach unless CP3 gets even more beaten up. That leaves Memphis as our team to catch up to…we’re just going to have to hope they cool off a bit, because they’ve been winning a lot of games I’d hoped they’d lose recently.

  • Anonymous

    (we’re also going to have to win all our games, even ones against the teams with the best records in the league like this one).

    I’m optimistic, because we pushed them pretty damn close at the beginning of the season…

  • JordanHillStarted?

    Yeah Houston can’t be the little brother. We’ve at least won games. I view San Antonio as the ugly bully that never leaves anyone alone. Houston is the quietly successful bro w/ 2 rings, and the Mavs are just our retarded little brother we never talk to

  • This is recent viewpoints. Can’t cling to things that happened over ten years ago. It is a part of Rockets History but it doesn’t really influence the current viewpoint of what has been done since 2000 or since the beginning and end of the Yao/T-Mac era.

    Obviously taking each team’s full history changes the dynamic. But as the saying goes, ‘what have you done for me lately’ applies to sports as well.

    I stand by my brother dynamic because aside from always measuring and striving for what the older brothers have done recently, as a team we are also the youngest out of the three.


  • Fastalkerus

    NO. Brothers stick together, and help each other out. Dallas and San Antonio are more like 2nd cousins.

  • Ignoring the fact that not ALL brothers do that, seriously, I can accept cousins. I was going for brothers since they are all Texas teams and not neighboring states.

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