Talk of the Moment: Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

Friday, 7:30 CST @ Toyota Center

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San Antonio Spurs [57-18] – (24-13 Away)


Houston Rockets [39-36] – (22-14 Home)

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Head to Head: Spurs lead 3-0

Game 1: Saturday, November 6th

Rockets 121

Spurs 124       Final OT

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Red94 – The Innervation in San Antonio

Game 2: Saturday, January 29th

Rockets 95

Spurs 108       Final

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Game 3: Saturday, March 12th

Rockets 107

Spurs 115       Final

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Current Streak: Spurs L5, Rockets L1

Last 10 Games: Spurs 4-6, Rockets 6-4

Injury Report

  • Spurs
    • Manu Ginobili – Day to Day
    • Tim Duncan – Day to Day
    • Antonio McDyess – Day to Day
    • Tony Parker – Day to Day
  • Houston Rockets
    • Kyle Lowry – Day to Day

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  • felix cardona

    Our luck has essentially run out. From this point the Rockets need to win every single game and hope that others team lose every game on their schedule. The 76ers have owned the Rockets for awhile but it was still surprising to see our team lose. I rarely buy into the whole ‘back to back, we can give them leeway’ crap. You give a team leeway when they earn it. If they had 47 wins and a secured spot in the playoffs? I would buy into whatever leeway someone wants to sell me.

    That isn’t the case. They have needed every single win for awhile. That means stepping up during back to backs, 4 games in 6 nights, whatever. I know the guys are tired and shots stop falling but hey, good teams figure a way out. Then again, good teams tend to not be in this position. Those specific losses which can be attributed to fatigue are swept under the rug when the bigger picture is set.

    This Rockets team has no bigger picture. Not this season at least. They face a Spurs team that has a 3-0 record against them this season. I am not hopeful in seeing that record turn into 3-1 after tonight. However, you can always have hope. Let’s keeping rooting for our team and hoping for a good season record. At least a season record that is improved from the one before, even if it is just one game.


  • Stephen Benbow

    Let’s say the Rockets do end up w/the same record as last yr,42-40.
    A couple of things to look at.

    Kevin Martin. Finally stayed healthy for a season-perhaps Adelman keeping his minutes down turned out to be a good thing.
    OTOH,that will be over a hundred games w/Martin and barely a .500 record. I think any questions about Mr Martin being a star have been answered. Great scorer who cannot carry his team.
    Then again…see below on Lowry.

    Kyle Lowry. Would end up 41-34 as the starting PG. If the Rockets had had the same success in the 7 games he didn’t start,the team would be at 44-45 wins. Still just out of Play-Offs in all likelihood,but would we feel better about the team?
    W/starters of Lowry,Martin,Scola,Hayes being a borderline Play-Off team,would we feel that the Rockets are a lot closer than they appear now(which apparently is the owners view),just needing a tweak to bench and one upgrade away?

    Luis Scola. Keep him or trade him? He is the only Low-Post scorer the Rockets have,and they don’t grow on trees. His competitive spirit and professionalism are what we want on the Rockets. He’s also a guy who has shown he can handle being a garbage player next to a Yao,or the main inside option,which is also very rare.
    But he’s also one of the best “assets” the Rockets have in making a big trade.
    Unless the Rockets can sign Marc Gasol(very unlikely) I just can’t see where trading Luis helps the team-unless it’s a rebuild and he nets a high Lottery pick.

    Patrick Patterson. The more he plays,the more weaknesses in his game I fret over. What was disheartening to me was how thoroughly Bosh abused him in the Miami game. Bosh got whatever he wanted against Patterson. Yeah,it’s a rookie going up against a top PF,but it just showed how far away Patterson is.
    Side note,I live in LA and until the Clips color guy went full retard is his gushing over Blake,I watched a lot of Clippers games. Patterson is nowhere near Blake’s class,which is a problem as it means the West has added another excellent PF. Pau Gasol,Aldridge,Blake,Dirk to go w/an aging Duncan,an up-and-coming Ibaka,Randolph,Love,Cousins,heck David Lee can drop 20 on a moments notice,West if he stays.
    I simply doubt Patterson as he is can handle them all on a nightly basis as a starter. In a couple of yrs,likely,just not now.

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