Talk of the Moment: Houston Rockets vs. Indiana Pacers

Houston Rockets vs. Indiana Pacers

Saturday, 7:30 CST @ Toyota Center

Join us in the chatroom during gametime.



Indiana Pacers [27-34] – (10-20 Away)


Houston Rockets [31-32] – (16-13 Home)

FSN Houston

League Pass Channel 562 (Dish Network)

Head to Head: Rockets lead 1-0

Game 1: Friday, November 12th

Rockets 102 Final

Pacers 99

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Red94: From the bottom of the standings

Current Streak: Pacers L2, Rockets L1

Last 10 Games: Pacers 4-6, Rockets 6-4

Injury Report

  • Indiana Pacers
    • No significant injuries
  • Houston Rockets
    • Goran Dragic – Day to Day
    • Luis Scola – Day to Day

in game coverage
  • I actually forgot we played the Pacers earlier this year. Just an example of our weird schedule. We can play Portland twice in 3 days but see the Pacers after several months have passed by.

    Aside from some trade rumors I have not followed the Pacers at all this year. They are one of those ‘middle of the pack’ teams. The ones that are not completely awful yet not really good. Hey, sounds just like us. Truth be told aside from the vague hope* of the Rockets acquiring Granger (to pair him with Nene – Lowry/Martin/Granger/Scola/Nene lineup) the Pacers have not mattered to me.

    We need this win. I’ll be saying this a lot until the end of the season but we need this win. The last game versus the Clippers was a sucker punch. I know people will say the following:

    -The Rockets were tired. 4 games in 5 nights, I believe? They were dead tired
    -There are plenty of other wins out there
    -Let’s not overreact

    To those three, I say bah. Bah to you. As tired as they were the team still needed to dig deep and win the last game. It was the Clippers! They are one of the worst teams in the league. If we can’t beat the Clippers how can we have hope on this team squeaking out wins against better teams? Now, again, they were tired. Adelman went senile in the last game when rotations came up.

    What is my point? No more screwing around. If the goal is the playoffs we need to devour every sub.500 team we find. No mercy. Any team a few games over .500? They too need to fear us. We need to be in prime position so that when we face the elite teams, the ones who sit key players for the playoffs, we can have a better chance of winning and falling into the playoffs.

    Why the playoffs? I’ll give my thoughts on this some other time.

    *I say vague hope but I actually mean ‘rumors’. The rumor that Morey was trying to get Granger via jedi mind trick.


  • Anonymous

    Post your post-game interview suggestions/requests here, for either team. I will try to get to as many of them as I can.

  • Jodorowsky

    I’d be curious to know how Chuck Hays kept himself from destroying Roy Hibbert, knowing that he’s made up of two dangerous components, adonis DNA and tigers blood.

  • Stephen

    Ah,didn’t see the question requests.
    Mine(could be asked in future):

    Good reporter:What will your bobblehead be doing? Shooting,clapping hands,ripping ball away?
    Bad reporter:So,do you think you’re underpaid?

    Brad Miller.
    Good reporter: Both Hill and Patterson seem to play so much better when paired with you. Why do you think that is?
    Bad reporter:Better feeling,trophy buck or landing an elbow the refs miss?

    Good reporter:Do you ever laugh to yourself when you make another defender look silly trying to keep up w/your moves?
    Bad reporter:Do you ever call Popovich and ask “you chose Splitter over me? The guy who never misses a game vs the guy you won’t play”?

    Good reporter:If you drop a few more 30 point games,think they’ll stop talking about volleyball?
    Bad reporter:Is it true you’re a vampire who can’t stand the touch of the sun?

    Good reporter:Speed-Racer,K-Mart,the Roadrunner. Is there a nickname you prefer? Or do you just like being called Mr Efficiency?
    Bad reporter:Does it bug you that nobody considers you an elite guard?
    Really bad reporter:Does your fiancee consider you efficient?

    Good reporter: You really seem to have found your groove. Do you think you can play even better going forward?
    Bad reporter:Does Dwight snore?(In Orlando,Lee’s apartment was burglarized and Dwight Howard invited him to live w/Dwight in his mansion.)

    Good reporter:Who has the sharpest elbows in the League? Who has the weakest-you know the players who throw one and you didn’t even know it?
    Bad reporter:Do you dream about being taller? Or do you dream about being Tokyo while Godzilla approaches??

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