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via James Harden and D12 Facing Challenges Kobe and Shaq Dealt with a Decade Ago | Bleacher Report:

Well, what was up with Harden saying, “No Dwight questions,” as’s Arash Markazi tweeted, at the Drew League in Los Angeles? Jeremy Lin, despite a far less secure standing on the Rockets, answered plenty of Dwight questions after showing up for Steve Nash’s charity soccer event in L.A.

And a week ago while in the Philippines for an NBA promotion, according to The Philippine Star, “Handlers of James Harden of the Houston Rockets issued a strict reminder to media not to field any question related to new teammate Dwight Howard.”

I only cite this because it was written by Kevin Ding of the OC Register.  As I noted this Sunday, the backlash from the Howard signing has been characterized by otherwise predictable tropes: Howard is a coward and the Lakers will always be great, yada yada yada, tell me something I don’t know.  But this was rather curious, in at least its originality.

On the basis of Harden’s refusal to take questions on the matter, the author essentially surmises that deep down, beneath the beard, envy is brewing.  Hmm.  Ding’s greater premise–that Howard and Harden will face challenges–is a valid one.  But the conclusion drawn here is quite the leap of logic.  Here’s for a more logical conclusion: perhaps Harden has simply tired of the circus the L.A. media has perpetuated throughout this whole thing?  One has to really search far and beyond for a more embarrassing collective reaction.

Much ado about nothing.

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