ESPN’s David Thorpe on Morris: “He’s a home run.”

I won’t bother quoting the article because it’s a must-read in totality, but you can access it here, via the Chronicle.  Just fascinating insight from one of the most respected judges of talent in the industry.

In honesty, Thorpe’s analysis almost awakened the child within me.  He touches on Morris’ versatile skillset and potential to bully opposing small forwards inside.  It’s exciting to consider the possibilities.  We focus so much on vertical leaps and wingspans that sometimes, we just forget about the ‘ballers.’ Dunking from the free throw line is nice, but you don’t want a 6’8 badass with handles and a mean streak trucking down opponents inside?  How do Paul Pierce’s combine numbers stack up against clowns like Trevor Ariza?

Thorpe calls Patterson the steal of last year’s draft and says Morris has the potential to be, for this year, the same.  After seeing PP’s impact on games late last season upon replacing an injured Luis Scola, you just can’t wait for the season to get underway.

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