On the NBA: Game 2 Notes

Why must they be from Dallas?  I want to like this Mavs team so badly but my local pride keeps standing in the way.  That pick and roll they run might be the most beautiful thing in basketball with the expanse of real estate it without fail creates.

I’m happy.  We seemed to be on our way to a sweep and that’s never a good thing.  I’m following my rule of rooting for the outcome which extends the series.

My first thoughts coming out of this one were regarding Dirk.  Out of the mega-stars in today’s game–not just the stars, but the surefire HOFers–he’s the only one, at least for me, regarding whom you don’t really realize there’s some gravity in what you’re watching, if that makes sense.  I have to remind myself, “this guy I’m watching is basically Larry Bird.  People will be talking about him still after thirty years.”

Another question: if the Mavs fail to win the title, where does Dirk rank in history?  Has he surpassed Barkley?

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