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Let me take a trip down Memory Lane.

We’ve all likely been inured to the postseason phantom limb that seems to take over just as even the corniest of Finals-related pregame montages precedes a late playoff game, that familiar yearning for that one (or two) times that one’s chosen team reached the apex (or the back-to-back times). Reliving glory days and living vicariously through those of the guys still playing can be dangerous, heavy stuff for fans feeling the hunger pangs of a drought. But alas, screw it.

For all of you (and me), the cats over at Oakley & Allen put together a nice reminder of the feelings that go along with seeing a dream narrative realized with this 1995 NBA Finals flashback to Game 2 between the Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic, a time when Sam Cassell did not know how to talk to national reporters, Penny Hardaway still flew and Typical Cats and Don Cannon scored it all.


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