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  • blakecouey says 6 months ago Declined trade with Sacremento just anounced. Lowry and the 16 for the 5 and Hayes. Sacremento declined.
  • Sir Thursday says 6 months ago Apparently Golden State might be interested in trading down - they're supposed to be quite high on Zeller, and with the #12 they can probably guarantee getting him (whereas they couldn't with the #14). #7 will still have some decent players floating around.

    It would also make sense to me if Sacramento hold off on trading their pick until they know who's available to them at #5. Saw a suggestion somewhere that since Barnes is such a bad fit with them, they'd probably make a trade if that's who was left (I think it was Ford? I've been reading a lot of draft stuff recently...). Suspect they'd take any of the other consensus top 5 though.

  • blakecouey says 6 months ago I was just throwing things out there, I dont keep up with Sacremento's trends, no idea what they might do, I just know 12 is better than 14 regardless of who you're drafting.

    I expect another trade to be done tonight, 24hrs til draft got to keep the ball rolling.
  • Sir Thursday says 6 months ago So in what way is #12 better than #14? You get to pick ahead of Milwaukee and Phoenix, which you'd want to do if you suspected you were going after similar players to those teams. Milwaukee wanted a big man, and AFAIK Phoenix are looking for a wing (they keep getting linked to SG types). The sort of players who would be available at that stage...Zeller, Leonard are the primary big men, Ross and Lamb are probably the wing players. Do Sacramento want any of those guys? They've already got a glut of players at the wing, so I can't imagine they're looking there. I guess they could want another big man to pair with Cousins, so Zeller might fit - he's supposed to have a bit of range, which would complement Cousins quite well...

  • blakecouey says 6 months ago Kings may have wanted slightly better than 14 and 16, maybe the 12 is to get that trade going again?
    I like the point you made about recently having 2 starter quality PGs constantly battling/worrying about their job. Livingston is a good defender with great size, works well if Parsons/Lee are starting next year brings some defense to the 2nd unit. As far as Leuer, per 40mins he was one of 5 rookies that averaged 15pts and 10rebs-works for me..
  • Dan G says 6 months ago Not the trade I wanted to hear but if the 12th pick is more enticing and helps us in the grand scheme than the 14th pick, I guess a small hooray is in order.
  • Sir Thursday says 6 months ago Seems like a really good deal for us. We improve our pick, and Dalembert wasn't going to figure in our long-term plans anyway. From what I saw last year, Leuer played pretty well for the Bucks, not sure why they let him go. Really liking that acquisition, even if it makes our PF situation even more congested. And Livingston is a pretty serviceable backup PG - which I think is actually a good thing. In previous years we've had two PGs competing for the starting spot and getting in each other's way, but having an established starter will hopeful mean we avoid tensions within the squad.

    Whether it helps us get those top picks...I'm not sure. Maybe Morey's planning on moving up incrementally? Perhaps his plan is to convince Detroit to trade down - they really want a big man, and all the projections I've seen show Leonard and Zeller being available a bit lower down than #9. And once you've got the #9, maybe you can find the next step on the ladder who's willing to trade with you...kind of ambitious though, and we'd be shedding a lot of assets to make it happen. But that's what they're for :P.

  • blakecouey says 6 months ago Keeping Livingston almost assures us of getting rid of Lowry OR letting Dragic walk. Only reason I say it is because there are still a few who think we keep both Lowry/Dragic.
  • Alituro says 6 months ago Not Bad... Livingston can help now and Leuer has some potential, Brockman will go though... So we now have #12, #16 and #18? Still need to break into top 10 if we hope ORL will talk.
  • blakecouey says 6 months ago Apparently the Hawks are pursuing Gasol for Smith. Just got home, havent read much yet.
  • Ostrow says 6 months ago Conflicting reports not Ken Berger saying we might be going after Gasol, Ford says we aren't pursuing anymore

  • Ostrow says 6 months ago that's why i said "as of now." I believe they'll all be traded for cap for for other teams
  • Lyfestyle says 6 months ago

    Ostrow, on 27 June 2012 - 20:18 PM said:

    apparently, as of now, we are keeping all three

    I think that assumes we'll be dumping most of the roster in the next couple of days. If we can't make a big move we'll have to get out the ol' cutting knife.
  • Ostrow says 6 months ago apparently, as of now, we are keeping all three
  • rockets best fan says 6 months ago this is a good stepping stone trade.
  • Cooper says 6 months ago Not bad only move up two spots but we can dump Livingston and probably buyout brokman. Leuer is actually a decent player might be worth keeping around.
  • Lyfestyle says 6 months ago I gotta be honest, I thought Dally's contract (with its buy-out) would be worth more. There were rumors that Sacramento really wanted it.
  • blakecouey says 6 months ago Not a bad pickup. Back up pg spot may be sealed.
    Did you wind up getting a Twitter? if so hit up my thread in offtopic
  • Ostrow says 6 months ago Livingston has a team option for 3.5, Brockman is 1mil for next year, Leuer has a TO for 760,000 next year
  • blakecouey says 6 months ago Heard it also includes brockman and leurer.
  • blakecouey says 6 months ago What's livingstons contract look like?
  • Ostrow says 6 months ago I don't know why it posted twice....


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