Spam attack

Those of you who have been visiting the forum may have noticed some rather strange new threads in the past week.  It seems I’m getting spammed again and unfortunately, the only way to really control this is to turn off guest commenting.  (It seems they’ve managed to bypass the captcha that’s been making you guys set up that little puzzle.)

This is relevant because those of you who have been using the forum have been doing it as a guest.

I could tell you to just please register, but I doubt anyone will and that will kill off all discussion and any chance for a Red94 community.

So what I can do is register for you: if you want an account in the forum, just send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll set it up and e-mail you the password.  Then you can go back in and change the password.

Regardless of your decision, I’m going to have to turn off guest commenting sometime this week.  Thanks for your patience.

Screen shot 2012 01 18 at 7.26.40 AM1 Spam attack


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