Food for Thought

Found this interesting, via Feigen:

One more thing from Rox practice: Jermaine Taylor in rotation, Ish Smith out. Courtney Lee backup point.
 Food for Thought
Jonathan Feigen

EDIT: I filed this under “Food for Thought” as on initial read, I assumed Jonathan just meant that in scrimmage, Ish Smith did not play with Jermaine Taylor taking his spot with the backups.  On second pass, this looks like a report in which case, this is actually news and relatively important.

If JT is really getting a chance, I’m glad and I hope he can make the best of it.  I’ve been impressed by his play since last season.

EDIT II: Given the timing of this, I wonder how much of it relates to Lee’s play down the stretch in Chicago, defending the ’1′. With Ish’s play tailing off of late, and Lee having been a bit shaky offensively to this point, perhaps the desire is to try Lee as the defensive half of the backup combo with Taylor taking his place as the offensive half?

EDIT III: Since they’re basically running the offense through Brad Miller these days, why not just shore up the perimeter ‘D’ with Courtney at point?

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