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No, James Harden isn’t Shaving his Beard

Nothing much happens in September. Players slowly migrate to their teams, a couple media days are scheduled, and training camp plans coalesce. When nothing happens, nothing can be a story. This is exactly what happened to James Harden, who answered a few questions asked by a TMZ reporter last Thursday. The so-called news of the [...]

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What’s the Best that Could Happen?

The NBA season is drawing ever closer, and soon every newly minted contender will have to back up their championship hopes with championship play. The Houston Rockets, as newly-minted challengers to the throne, are under pressure to meet lofty goals. On Monday we looked at how it could all fall apart. Today, we examine what [...]

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Sometimes No News is Good News

We’re nearly done with August, and the world of the NBA mas moved to an absolute crawl. When the only reports are based on off-the-court goings-on, basketball prowess and triumph aren’t rewarded by news stories.  Sometimes, the old adage isn’t true at all. Sometimes no news is the only good news.

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Why Daryl Morey’s AMA Matters

On Friday, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey sat down with the internet. It was his second “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, one of largest of the net’s social hubs. Morey let hundreds, if not thousands, of users ask him whatever questions they saw fit. Openness to the public isn’t new in the sports [...]

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The Rockets that Never Were

Sometimes the world we live in seems like it has no right to exist. At least 98 percent of all theoretical universes had the Spurs win Game 6. That’s just science. The Rockets have seen their fair share of unlikely snares, too. How did Houston snag Harden? How in the world did they follow up [...]

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