Last season, the two most hyped prospects from the draft, Blake Griffin and Ricky Rubio, did not see action. Greg Oden did not return, Derrick Rose was slowed by injury, and Michael Beasley was Michael Beasley. While guards Brandon Jennings, Steph Curry, and Tyreke Evans all had moments, none were mistaken for true superstars.

This season, things are different.  Blake Griffin and John Wall look poised for superstar careers. Derrick Rose is back on track and Russell Westbrook too seems to have made the jump.  The Heat, all in their primes, came together, CP3 is back and better than ever, and even the Wolves boast a precocious forward tandem that could look potent.

Young talent abounds and I wonder if a sense of envy adds to our gloom and desperation.  Has it been the salt in our wounds?  I look around and I certainly feel envious.  The Rockets are not only bad, but even worse, there does not seem to be hope.  Last season, without these marvels league-wide, there was a feeling you could patch things together on the fly and compete with anyone.  Now, not only is it becoming clearer the team won’t be able to trade for a star, but the point is being driven home that those players are garnered through the draft.  The team needs a savior and no path seems clear.

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